Vision and Values

School Motto

Achieving potential together

CORE Values

We will statements…


We will build relationships with the students

We will engage with the children’s learning and provide equal learning opportunities, with a curricular focus

We will be professional, prepared, present, positive, and accountable


We will take on feedback, and continue to learn from each other

We will allow all students, staff and families to find and use their voice

We will look for and allow time for positive solutions and maintain high expectations


We will value the diversity and abilities of our learners

We will give time to give and receive communication

We will respect this is the students’ place to learn

We will include and inform our students about what we are doing

We will be mindful  of our surroundings when discussing students

(on a need-to-know basis), maintaining their dignity and privacy in a professional manner.


We will work together to deliver high-quality education for all students

We will seek and offer opportunities for feedback, reflection and growth to improve practice

We will foster a nurturing communication environment that encourages independence and time to respond


We will share and celebrate examples of CORE values at each staff meeting

We will walk and talk once a term to share and celebrate our CORE values

We will display these CORE values and hold ourselves and each other accountable

We will praise each other for demonstrating CORE values

Cranleigh CORE Values

School Charter

Our School Vision Statement and Value