Cranleigh School uses the Australian Curriculum, supported by Levels A-D of the Victorian Curriculum.  Cranleigh School has seen an evolving scope and sequence for curriculum delivery across year level groups of Kindergarten-Year 2, Years 3/4 and Years 5/6.  All students have a Personalised (P) Learning Program, crafted by teachers that build upon students skills in all Key Learning Areas.

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In Preschool, teaching and learning programs are based on the Early Years Learning Framework. The EYLF is Based on the Concept of Belonging, Being and Becoming:

Belonging – Children learn best when they feel as though they belong to their families, to their communities and to the world at large. By helping a child increase their sense of belonging you can help provide a safe and comfortable environment in which a child can learn.

Being – Providing the space for each child be who they are and letting children be children, giving them the sense that they are free to explore the world around them.

Becoming – Children continue to grow by experiencing new things and the acceptance that as a child learns and grows and is constantly changing.

The EYLF Learning Outcomes are goals which are achieved by a child during their learning.


The key purpose of reporting is to support student learning by providing information to students and parents about student achievement and progress, and to indicate areas for further development. Cranleigh School uses a number of ways to reflect students academic, non-academic and social development through end of Semester Reports (Terms 2 and 4), Individual Access to Learning Plans and through daily communication books.