The Cranleigh School Curriculum was developed from regular ongoing school curriculum review and development beginning in 2014.  It encompasses each subject and year level of the National Curriculum, including Levels A – D of the Victorian Curriculum for pre foundation levels of learning.  It is a curriculum that supports both quality teaching and learning and strengthens and enhances the current teaching programs offered to students at Cranleigh. It takes into consideration the needs of students with developmental delays, multiple, moderate and severe intellectual disabilities.

To support quality teaching and learning, the assessment of curriculum learning and reporting is provided by ABLES (The Abilities Based Learning and Education Support). ABLES supports the teaching and learning of students with disabilities and additional needs. It provides a suite of pedagogy, assessment and reporting resources that assist teachers in recognising and responding to the diverse learning needs of all students, and in assessing and reporting student learning, monitoring student progress and providing accurate intervention advice.