School Governance

School Board

The School Board meets regularly and is made up of elected parents and staff representatives, an  Education and Training Directorate representative and the school principal who is the Executive Officer.Cranleigh Family Fun Day 2011

The function of the Board is to:

Determine the educational policies to be implemented, determine the needs of the school in relation to the provision of buildings and facilities, equipment, funding and staff and make recommendations to the Department in meeting these needs.

The Board representatives are:

  • Board Chair: Lucy McCarthy
  • Parent Reps: Kimberly Ingram and Keeta Weeden
  • Staff Reps: Anne Tow and Helen Maguire
  • Community Rep: Heather McKeon
  • Principal: Greg Wagg
  • Co-opted Member: Brionie Robins

Photograph: Cranleigh Family Fun Day