School Governance

School Board

The School Board meets regularly and is made up of elected parents and staff representatives, a Department of Education and Training representative and the school principal who is the Executive Officer.Cranleigh Family Fun Day 2011

The function of the Board is to:

  • determine the educational policies to be implemented
  • determine the needs of the school in relation to the provision of buildings and facilities, equipment, funding and staff and
  • make recommendations to the Department in meeting these needs.

The Board representatives are:

  • Board Chair: Lucy McCarthy
  • Parent Reps: John Donovan and Kimberly Ingram
  • Staff Reps: Anne Tow and Helen Maguire
  • Community Reps: Heather McKeon
  • Principal: Karin Wetselaar
  • Co-opted Member: Brionie Robins

Photograph: Cranleigh Family Fun Day 2011