Cranleigh teachers are qualified experienced professionals. All teachers meet the professional requirements for teaching in ACT public schools. Several have postgraduate qualifications, including masters level degrees. Our Learning Support Assistants receive in school professional learning and training to support their work. Many of our LSAs have special qualifications in the area of disability.

Our classes are organised in groups of 5 to 8 with a teacher and at least one LSA. We currently have in excess of 45 staff.

2017 Staff

Principal: Sam Seton

Acting Principal: Kylie Croke

Deputy Principal: Cathy Otten, Jenny Parsons

Executive Teachers: Caren Te Moananui, Kyrie Douch

Business Manager: Brionie Robins

School Secretary: Robyn McFarlane

Family Support Worker: Natalie Rutledge

Staffing Officer: Beverly Clark

Building Services Officer: Geoff Jameson

School Psychologist: Alison Hatcher

Staff List

Class NameTeacherAssistant / S
Connect 3Sally 
Red RoosEmma MLyn, Jo
Green Tree FrogsHayleyJoan, Racheal
Aqua AquariumsAmyMarie, Taeko, Sian H
Orange ExplorersAnneYuko M, Teaghan, Yuko R
Cream CruisersLizStacey, Paola
 Lemon FireworksAli / JanineVicki, Cathie, Elissa
Yellow ToucansJenny A / LynBelinda, Elissa, Callum
White WhalesEmma RAmanda, Eylish
SilverBacksAmy Brooke, Erin, Sian, Callum
Blue WhalesFransinaLara, Ryun
Pink PassportsShaeCatherine, Paola, Brooke, Sian
Magenta MeerkatsJo S,/ Jenn/ CarenShilpa, Catherine, Chris, Victoria, Erin, Racheal