Cranleigh curriculum pdfsmall

The Cranleigh curriculum is based on current research and guidelines.

The purpose of curriculum is to develop each student as a learner, person, community member and contributor to society. These student centred set of documents is both a direct and dynamic response to this stated purpose. It is a living document with strong and explicit links to the teaching and learning goals of all our students. A range of evidence based assessment tools are included to guide individual learning plans.

The teaching and learning of Social Skills, Communication, Augmentative & Alternate Communication (AAC), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are embedded across all areas.

The Cranleigh school community is currently engaged in a university based action research project with a PhD candidate to develop an AAC communication framework.

The 'Cranleigh and Malkara Preschool and Primary Curriculum' is organised under four domains: Academic and Vocational, Self and Home Management, Recreation and Leisure, and In Community.

Academic and Vocational

  • Exploration through play
  • Literacy – English
  • Numeracy – Mathematics
  • Science

Self and Home Management

  • Personal Development (Health)
  • Personal Living

Recreation and Leisure

  • The Arts – Music, Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, Media
  • Fine and Gross Motor (Physical Education)

In Community

  • Participation
  • Social Sciences